I’m doing call tracking with another company. Can I move those numbers to Smart Market Dental?

Absolutely. We’ll port the numbers over to our system so you don’t lose any active numbers. It’s all part of your activation fee.

I don’t have a Facebook page and I don’t use Google AdWords. Can I still sign up?

Of course. Every one of our reporting components are included in every package, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a Facebook page or Adwords account just to use the software. If you add something later on, just call one of our client success reps. We’ll be happy to get you connected, no charge.

I use this really obscure practice management software. Can you connect to it so I can see my marketing ROI?

Is it a program that hasn’t been updated since you installed it back in 1992? Or, did your nephew write the program? If so, you might be up a creek. Thankfully, Smart Market Dental connects with 99% of all dental practice management software programs, across all dental specialties. Ask us for a list of compatible programs.

My practice hasn’t been that great about recording a referral source for each patient. Will this impact my ROI calculations?

If your records only show that 15 patients came from your website last year when you’re pretty sure it was closer to 100, it’s not going to be a very accurate report. After all, reports are only as good as the data they are based on. Luckily, we believe in fresh starts. Today sounds like a good day to make this a new habit, wouldn’t you agree? And if you slip, Smart Market Dental will let you know just how many records have been left unclassified.

I’ve put your tracking numbers on my website, my postcards and a couple other places. What happens if I want to leave Smart Market Dental?

Honestly, at first we’ll probably sniffle and might even feel a little rejected. But we’d rather part as friends, so every single number that is part of your account can be ported to any other carrier. Or, you can always stay with us and downgrade to just the call tracking option, where you can listen to the recorded calls at your leisure.