Call tracking is an invaluable way to measure your marketing. Simply assign a local tracking number to your website, TV commercial or postcard, and discover exactly how well a specific message or offer performed. For every tracked call, our US based call screeners score your calls on 21 conversion criteria, helping you pinpoint exact training needs for your team. After all, why spend money on marketing if you aren’t turning leads into appointments?

Call Tracking

Use our call tracking to measure the individual performance of each marketing source or message. Every account starts with at least 5 lines to use as you want. Need more? We’ll happily hook you up.

  • View the mapped location of every caller to determine best zip codes to target
  • Sort all calls by date, call length, score, and result
  • Missed call alerts let you recapture all missed calls
  • HIPAA compliant call recording and secure storage keeps your calls safe


Call Analytics

Every call is individually screened and scored by our trained screeners. That’s right, in this technological world we still use US-based, live humans to score and document your calls and their results.

  • Every call is scored on 21 unique critical conversion points
  • Bi-lingual screeners can review Spanish speaking callers
  • Calls are classified by who answered, type of call and final result
  • Summaries of each call are detailed in the notes
  • Learn what days and times you’re missing new patient calls


Team Call Analytics

Unless you’re standing at the front desk when a new patient call comes in, you probably have no idea how your team represents your office. Review each team member’s call analysis report to determine your star players, and how to help those who need more training.

  • Review call results individually
  • Identify rock star team members
  • Pinpoint key call skill issues for training and improvement