If you’re like most dentists, new patients are the lifeblood of your practice. Which also means that you’re probably no stranger to dental marketing. When you invest in a website, postcard, or even internal marketing, you want it to work. The real question is, how do you know if your marketing really worked? Until you have clear, measurable data, it’s all just a guess.

Smart Market Dental takes the guesswork out of your marketing plans. Use a unique tracking phone number on each marketing piece and you’ll soon discover how many calls that website or postcard really generated. More importantly, call screening reveals why those calls aren’t becoming patients. Nationally, only 34% of all new patient calls result in an appointment. We’ll tell you why. Are callers receiving voicemail and simply hanging up? Does your front desk need training on how to answer the dreaded insurance question? Is a campaign simply not making the phone ring in the first place? Smart Market Dental answers those questions and more, allowing you to maximize your marketing’s performance.

Sync Smart Market Dental with your practice management software, and our automated ROI analysis will tell you what marketing is producing the best results, with the lowest cost per new patient and the highest return on investment.

Combined with the experienced interpretation of our marketing analysts, your marketing will get stronger and smarter, bringing you more new patients and increasing your revenue. It’s simply a smarter way to market your dental practice.